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Booking Policy


  1. Prices are based on the local currency (USD), converted to the exchange rate as determined by UTV Rental Puerto Rico.
  2. Rates are per vehicle, unless specified otherwise. Taxes and insurance are not included.
  3. Rental rates can change without prior notice, until the reservation has been completed.
  4. We offer complimentary transportation for the main driver exclusively from/to the airport and/or pier from/to our facilities. Transportation requests must be made through the Checkfront booking system or by email. Arrival time must be confirmed by the customer 24 hours in advance.
  5. As a security measure, clients will not be able to sit in the front seat of our vehicles while they are being transported by UTV personnel, and must wear a face mask at all times. No exceptions.
  6. All bookings require a Visa or MasterCard credit card with the name of the renter. If you do not possess a credit card with the accepted logos, a $250 refundable deposit will be required with a debit card. Cash will not be accepted until further notice.
  7. A refundable $250 security deposit is required for renters between 21-25 years. Driver’s age will be confirmed at the pick-up.
  8. Reservations require payment in full; the same credit card must be presented to pick-up the vehicle.
  9. For each vehicle, a driver with a valid driver’s license is required. Units will not be dispatched to drivers without a license.
  10. Before dispatch, a full vehicle inspection will be performed by one of our representatives and the renter to verify physical condition, cleanliness, gasoline levels and general functioning.
  11. Upon receipt, we will determine if the $25 cleaning fee applies (calculated per vehicle).
  12. Gasoline must be at the same level as it was dispatched, otherwise, $8 will be billed for every ¼ of missing gas.
  13. Collision insurance costs $15 daily per vehicle, with a deductible of $500. That is, any repair and/or replacement of less than $500 must be paid by the customer.
  14. In case of an accident or damages, the deposit and/or insurance will be used to defray the costs of repairs and/or necessary replacements.
  15. Opting out of insurance will make the client liable for all physical and financial responsibility related to the rental– including acts of vandalism, theft, loss of parts, accessories, and equipment. In addition, it is responsible for damages to third parties and/or property, caused by negligence and/or in violation of the clauses of this contract.
  16. The renter is liable for paying parking fees, traffic tickets or other citations received while in possession of the rented vehicle. Any ticket received after your visit, that corresponds to your reservation, will be charged to your credit card without prior notice.
  17. Replacement fees will apply for lost or stolen keys ($8 ea) and lock cables ($30 ea). 
  18. We highly recommend returning the vehicle one (1) hour before your flight or ferry trip. We are not responsible for lost flights and/or ferry trips.
  19. The vehicle must be returned inside our facilities by 4:30 p.m. Leaving the unit in the outskirts or any other part of the island, implies an additional charge of $100.
  20. Extended rental: Reservations of two (2) days or more can be extended up to 24 hours before the return time by phone or email. If you do not make the notification and keep the vehicle, an additional fee of $100 will apply, plus the corresponding day’s rate. Clients with reservations of 24 hours or less must contact us before 4:30 p.m. to request an extension. Subject to availability.
  21. Additional hours: Reservations of two (2) days or more can be extended to a maximum of three (3) hours after the scheduled return time. The request must be made 24 hours in advance. A charge of $8 per additional hour applies. Subject to availability.
  22. Bookings can be canceled at any time, however, 20% of the total reservation will be retained. As a courtesy, you can use it as a credit for future reservations.
  23. No refunds will be made for weather conditions or situations beyond our control. In those cases -at our discretion- we will grant a credit for another reservation.



  1. I accept that the use of the rental vehicle will be at my own risk.
  2. Driver must have a valid driver’s license and comply with all applicable laws related to motor vehicles operation.
  3. The use of the safety belt is compulsory for all passengers while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. The minimum height to use golf cars is 4′ 9″ (145 cm). For safety factors, passengers should be able to keep their feet firmly on the floor. Car seats or booster seats are not allowed on golf cars. This clause does not apply to Jeep rentals.
  5. If you hear any noise or feel an unusual movement in the vehicle, you must notify us by phone at +1 787-900-2535 (Vieques), +1 787-525-5456 (Culebra) or +1 787-506-4132 (San Juan) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Out of business hours, an email should be sent to vieques@utvrentalpr.com, culebra@utvrentalpr.com or sanjuan@utvrentalpr.com; we recommend attaching an audiovisual.
  6. In case of accident, a complaint must be filed immediately with the local authorities by calling +1 787-741-2020 (Vieques), +1 787-742-3501 (Culebra) or +1 787-724-5170 (San Juan). We must be notified by phone or email according to the time of the incident.
  7. You understand and accept that our staff will not be able to provide immediate assistance outside office hours.
  8. If towing is needed, you accept to cover expenses, except if it is a mechanical failure.
  9. The renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless UTV Rental Puerto Rico from any loss, damage or legal action as a result of the operation of the vehicle by the renter or additional drivers. 
  10. We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle or our premises.



  1. The rented vehicle may be for personal or commercial use. Subletting to individuals or other businesses is forbidden, without exceptions.
  2. Considering that rental vehicles are not 4X4, they must be exclusively operated on properly maintained roads and parking lots. Otherwise, a $100 charge will apply without distinction.
  3. Culebra visitors: It is forbidden to transit areas near Zoni beach, Resaca beach, Punta Soldado beach, Dátiles beach, La Romana, Loma and Villas Aleli.



  1. Rates are per person, unless specified otherwise. Taxes and insurance are not included.
  2. Tour rates can change without prior notice, until the reservation has been completed.
  3. Routes may vary due to external factors such as detours, constructions, protests, activities, among other circumstances.
  4. For each booking, a person over 18 must be present with a valid official ID. 


I understand and accept UTV Rental Puerto Rico’s Booking Policy as the main condition to receive the services.

Revised on June 29th, 2020.